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Golden Tee 2015’s Exciting New Feature is LIVE; Here’s What You Need to Know

Welcome a new era of Golden Tee LIVE. Welcome to the Daily Contest, which is live on all Golden Tee 2015 updates.

What is it? How do you participate? Where can you check to see where your scores rank? What about prizes?

Let’s get to it.

First, the Daily Contest Leaderboard is now live on This will become a familiar landing page, so you should bookmark accordingly. Here that you will be able to sort current and past contest results and also check your current standing throughout the day.

It will update regularly, and you are encouraged to check it often. The Golden Tee Caddy—the game’s first app—also now supports the Daily Contest. Just download it—it’s free—or update your current app in the Google Play store. (Apple people, we are working on this version. Hang with us.)

As for Daily Contests; the name of the game is pretty simple: Your best score throughout the day—between 5:00 a.m. CDT and 4:59 a.m. CDT—will be featured on the leaderboard, and thus, be the one that counts.

The course and conditions won’t change in that time. Everyone play on the same tee boxes with the same winds for 24 hours. The individuals with the top overall scores throughout this time will then walk away with cash prizes.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Over the next few days, the prize pool will be set at $100 as games make their way around the country. By the weekend, however, this starting pool will elevate to $500, once games are updated in larger numbers.

Although there is a defined starting point for the prize pool, it can grow throughout the day as more games are planned. As it does, the payouts—which can be found below—will increase. The more rounds that are played, the more they go up.

As for what the payouts will look like; here’s a rundown of what they’ll look like once the prize pool is fully functional by the weekend.

1st: 10%

2nd: 7%

3rd: 5%

4th: 4%

5th: 3%

6th-10th: 2%

11th-20th: 1.6%

21th-50th: 1%

51th-75th: .4%

76th-100th: .2%

The only thing left for you to do is play the new game mode, which is an online feature that requires you to swipe in. Just highlight “Live Contests” at your game and then choose “Daily Contests.” Just like that, you’ll be connected to this exciting new world of competitive Golden Tee.

Visit the Leaderboard, track down a Golden Tee 2015 cabinet and give it a try (or two, or three, or four).

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