Announcing Golden Tee 2015 Ship Day
Get Ready! The Latest Version of Your Favorite Game Will Begin Shipping September 22!

Clear your calendar. Remove all plans. Log long hours with family members and loved ones and stock up on goodwill. Soon, your time will be booked.

On Monday, September 22, Golden Tee 2015 will leave the IT warehouse and make its way to bars and locations around the country.

I repeat: Golden Tee LIVE 2015 ships in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.

The image above comes from our warehouse, where marquees and boxes are being prepped for a wonderful and chaotic sendoff. That's no worry of yours; you simply need to prepare yourself for the joys to come.

We have so much more to talk about, and we will. In the meantime, schedule your free time accordingly, work on that fake get-out-of-work cough and read up on all the exciting new features and additions coming your way.

Soon, my friends. SOON.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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