Just For You, Dads
$300 Off and Free Shipping on all GT Home Edition Purchases!

This one’s for you, dads. We’re celebrating your incredible fathering by offering $300 off and FREE shipping on all Golden Tee Home Edition purchases made before Father’s Day.

It’s that simple, really.

The GT Home Edition Father’s Day Sale is open and ready for business. If you’ve waited for the time to spoil yourself with a Golden Tee Home Edition—the same game you know and love—now is a better time than ever.

45 courses, LIVE play, stat-tracking, high-performance equipment access, YouTube uploads, the full arsenal of unlockable virtual clothing and so much more come with the game. Simply swipe your card, and you’ll have access to the trackball universe.

Interested? Visit to learn more about the GT Home Edition. Have questions or ready to order? Contact us and we’ll gladly help.

Make this the Father’s Day you’ll never forget.

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