A Look Back at the PCC3
Thinking About Attending This Year's Event? You Will Be After This

What is the Players Charity Championship all about? It’s about Golden Tee, certainly, but it’s so much bigger than the game.

It’s about the players, the community, the friendships, and, most importantly, it’s about the charity. In 2014, it’s about the charity.

Yes, there will be a Golden Tee tournament. It will be a wonderful weekend at Nero's Pizza & Pub in Algonquin, Illinois on Thursday, June 5 through Sunday, June 8. You can sign up to play, attend as a fan or contribute to the charities you can read up on here.

You can read up on the entire weekend here—and you should if you haven’t already. But before you do, you should check out this video created by GT player Jay Kaley featuring some of the greatest moments from the PCC3.


Thanks to Jay for the video, and stay tuned for much more on the PCC.

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