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Get Your Dream Golf Hole in Golden Tee 2015! And Win Your Own Game!

You have until April 15, so there’s no need to panic. But if you’ve been waiting for the right time to give the Design-a-Hole Contest your best shot—or you’re looking at another crack at it—this is the year and the time is now.

The contest is simple. Design any par-3, par-4 or par-5; submit it to, and you’ll be eligible to win a spot in Golden Tee 2015 and your very own Golden Tee Home Edition. We’ll also reward our second-place winner with a brand new Callaway Big Bertha Driver, and each finalist will walk away with at least a $50 Golden Tee Gift Card.

Like I said, now is the time.

How should you design? That’s completely up to you. Draw it using your child’s colored pencils, create it with a computer program, direct a video, do whatever you think will best catch the attention of the Design-a-Hole Judges—the individuals with the final say—and whatever will show your design most effectively.

Once the submission period has come to a close, we’ll evaluate all the entries and begin releasing finalists one day at a time. For a complete rundown on dates, information, prizes and more, check out the official 2015 Design-a-Hole Contest Page.

Show us what you got. 


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