The Perfect Kind of Madness
The 2014 Wisconsin Open Ready for a Weekend of Golden Tee and College Basketball

College basketball and Golden Tee.

On their own both can provide magnificent entertainment. Combine these forces, however, and the potential for weekend excellence is off the charts.

That’s what the Wisconsin Open delivers each and every year, and 2014 is no different. This staple event returns and few Golden Tee weekends match the energy that will be on display at Sussex Bowl in Sussex, Wisconsin.

The event will take place March 21 through March 23—the first days of a rather significant basketball tournament you might be familiar with. Instead of just watching the endless buffet of games, however, do so with a room full of people, outstanding Wisconsin beer (looking in your direction, Spotted Cow) and, of course, Golden Tee.

On Friday, the blind scotch doubles tournament will take place. The tourney will begin at 6 PM and entry is just $30 per team. Saturday morning, the main event will get underway with a five-course qualifier.

The top 32 players will then be placed into the Championship Bracket will all other remaining players will participate in the Purple Bracket. Entry into the main event is $75.

Once the double-elimination match play bracket has played its way through—right around the time the weekend’s batch of games comes to an end—the 2014 Wisconsin Open champion will be crowned.

If you like Golden Tee, good beer, great food, great people and college basketball, you need to attend this tournament. For more information on the event, check out the official tournament thread on the Golden Blab.

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