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Want Golden Tee 2013 in Your House? Make the Dream Possible

“I should really get a Golden Tee for my house.”

You’ve likely said that to a buddy at 1 AM on a Saturday night as you stood wobbly over your familiar GT trackball, but you never followed up on this dream scenario.

Well, perhaps it’s time you should.

The Golden Tee Home Edition is affordable and the same exact game you know and love. Same Showpiece, same size, same trackball, same graphics – all in the offline version of the game. And while the game is offline, it does come with a ton of online features.

Included in this will be all the high-performance clubs and balls, thousands of wacky clothing options, a special CTTP mode perfect for parties, skins mode and all 40 Golden Tee LIVE courses. That’s right, you get all 40 of ‘em.

If you order your Home Edition now, you’ll automatically receive your Golden Tee 2013 update FREE when it launches. Master 2012 then get a whole new experience when 2013 hits!

The turnaround is quick, there are difficulty settings to adjust, and quite frankly, wouldn’t you love to complete your man cave with this magnificent piece?

If you’re interested, contact us for more information including pricing and shipping details. Also, check out the Golden Tee Home Edition website for much more!

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