Alvaro Quiros Goes GT at the Open
A Hole-in-One on a Par-4? One Golfer Managed This Trackball Accomplishment on the Real Course

Typically we use LIVEWIRE to showcase insane shots from Golden Tee, and this landing spot has showcased many YouTube shots since 2012 launched.

A golf shot – a real, actual golf shot – has snuck its way into our world, however, because it does have a Golden Tee feel to it.

Now, holes-in-one happen at the PGA level often. Not nearly as often as they do in GT, of course, but often enough not to cause a stir. Especially when they’re hit in a practice round.

That’s what Alvaro Quiros did on Wednesday at The Olympic Club in his final tune-up before the tournament began. His ball on the 7th hole landed on the green and rolled perfectly into the cup. What’s the big deal about that, you ask?

The 7th was playing as a 288-yard par-4. And yes, there’s video.

It’s hard to see, but if you watch the green closely you can witness the ball trickle in. He used a driver on this particular shot, although in Golden Tee a firm 3-wood and bite probably would have gotten the job done.


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