Hole Showcase: Roadside 66 #2
An easy birdie is a given, but the hole-in-one on this par-3 can be tougher to come by

Hole Showcases are back, and we’re bringing this PowerPutt series over to LIVEWIRE and focusing on LIVE. This gist of this is pretty simple. We focus on one hole on PowerPutt LIVE and provide some helpful pointers on how to attack this hole.

We’ll start off on some of the easier designs and work our way up from there. Leading us off is the second hole on Roadside 66, a drive-in that is simple on the surface but a challenging hole-in-one.

Now, there are no blowup possibilities on this hole unless, of course, you do something really weird like bash off the drive-in in front of you. Don’t do that.

It’s a par-3 where walking away with birdie should be rather easy, as long as you’re able to make a shorter putt if you miss the hole-in-one. Getting that hole-in-one, however, is where strategy comes into play.

The location of the pin is critical in how you decide to play this hole, where you hit your tee shot and most important, what force you use on the trackball. If the pin is tucked on the near (left) side, then hitting with minimal speed is your best bet. A finesse shot through one of the top openings in the drive-in is probably your best bet.

An outside the box approach would be turning left all the way and going around the structure itself. If the pin is really tucked along the edge, this could be the ideal way to get to it.

In the instances that the cup is located on the other side, a bank shot off the back wall might be the ideal shot to get there. Speed will be critical in determining just how far it bounces off, and this will take some trial and error.

Too hard and it will likely go across and sail back. Too soft and it may not make it all the way across. Work on shots for each specific hole location and you’ll certainly net more hole-in-one the more you try it. It’s not a hard shot by any means, but it’s delicate enough to makes aces harder to come by.

And then again, you could always poke and hope. Not my ideal, easy-to-repeat strategy o’ choice, but one that could bring upon surprising success. The choice is yours.

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