Design-a-Hole: The Final Three
One of the Following Designs Will Go From Sketch Straight to Golden Tee 2013

And then there were three.

The 2013 Design-a-Hole Contest has entered its next phase, and the ten finalists that have been revealed over the past few weeks have been narrowed down to three.

The judges considered your feedback, they analyzed each design further and then made their decisions. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy. It never is.

One of the three designs below will be crowned the 2013 champ early next week, and our judges have yet to finalize a decision on this year’s winner. The winning submission will then go from drawing to design in Golden Tee 2013, while the creator will take home their very own Golden Tee Home Edition.

The stakes are high, and the drama in this final week will likely match it.

So here they are; the finalists for this year’s Design-a-Hole Contest. Congrats to those of you those have made it this far and thank you to everyone for participating. Be sure to visit the Golden Tee Facebook Page to share your thoughts on who you believe deserves the crown.

The winner will be announced on Monday, May 21st!

The Ancient Ruins by Jason Thomason

The Sand Dune by Josh Sokol

The Longshoreman by Tom Cosgrove


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