Four Down, One to Go
Tundra Peak Gets the 30 Under Treatment from Someone You’d Expect

And like that, only one 2012 course remains unconquered.

Although we have seen a -30 (yea, these guys are good) or better on Royal Cove, Grand Canyon and Auburn Glenn, Dusty Bend and Tundra Peak had yet to see the same milestone number. Well, you can cross at least one of those off the list.

Surprise, surprise, Houston’s Mark Stenmark is the one to break the latest barrier, and he recently hit a -30 on Tundra. This, of course, will help out his quest for the top spot in the Golden Tee World Rankings. He’s certainly gotten familiar with the view from on top, and this likely isn’t expected to change anytime soon.

How does one go about hitting a -30? Well, getting eagles on the first two holes – both of which are usually non-drivable par-4s – is a good way to start. From there you have to be perfect, which he indeed was.

Here’s the hole-by-hole. Heck of a game, Mark.

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