GTM Sales of the Week (08/28/23)
GTM Sales from Monday, August 28th through Wednesday, August 30th!

Get ready for a full week of sales in Golden Tee Mobile!

We have sales going live today and Wednesday! Make sure to check them out and read for more details!

A sale, just because! You’ve earned it! Time to give back to our Mobile Fam with the Super Albatross Special! Javelins, Snipers, and Gold galore is available in this Special with even MORE goodies to restock your GTM collection with. Get it all before the last day of the month!

They say strange things can happen during a full moon.. but not in GTM! If anything, it’s an excuse to treat ourselves to the Condor Special and the Epic Bundle with Snipers, Rangers, Gold, and more on Wednesday, the day of the full moon! Hurry though, this sale will be gone by the time the full moon is, on Thursday.

That's all we have for this week, mobile players! Stay tuned for the next sales lineup!


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