GTM Sales of the Week (07/27/23)
GTM Sales from Thursday, July 27th through Thursday, August 3rd!

Get ready for a full week of sales in Golden Tee Mobile!

We have sales going live today, Monday, Tuesday, and next Thursday! Make sure to check them out and read for more details!

Happy Friday Eve! Kick off the weekend early with the help of the Mega Bundle! Snipers, Maniax, Epic Chest, and more are here to ensure you’re set for a weekend full of GTM! Check this bundle out before the dreaded Monday comes along!

July may be dwindling away but that doesn’t mean the items in your mobile golf bag have to! Live Monday, the Green and Extra Packs are here to help ensure you’re stocked on all things Golf balls, Gold, and Tees. See for yourself before Wednesday!

Happy August! Let’s set the tone for August by loading up on all things Snipers, Rangers, Maniax, and Gold! You can never have too much of those with the help of the Caddy and Field Packs! See for yourself on Tuesday!

We’re going to be starting off the month of August on the right note with the help of, our friend, Brian Lavoie! He put together some Javelins, Snipers, Gold, and just a FEW Gold Tees ���� in the Super Albatross Special, available next Thursday!

That's all we have for this week, mobile players! Stay tuned for the next sales lineup!


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