Introducing Target Rush
Rapid-Fire GT Arcade Action Comes to GT PGA TOUR's Next Update

Tick, tock.

The pressure is on. No easing into the round. No pre-shot routines. No putting.

This is…different.

In Target Rush, Golden Tee’s newest game mode debuting on North American Golden Tee PGA TOUR cabinets in a matter of months, every second counts.

Looking out from the tee box, one of Golden Tee’s pristine greens is painted with brightly colored concentric circles that converge into an unfamiliar, yet immediately recognizable form, a target.

The clock, conveniently anchored at the top of the screen, reads 60 seconds.  

Your goal is simple: hit the target as many times as you can before the clock reaches zero. Every time you do, you earn points. Every consecutive time you hit the green, a point multiplier for the next shot increases by a magnitude of one. Player with the most points at the end of the round, wins.

With the prospect of massive points and multipliers on the horizon, you ready your palm on the trackball, and the countdown begins… 




Welcome to Target Rush.

Target Rush's Pre-Game Loading Screen

Find control in uncertainty. Get used to taking every shot under pressure, in rapid-fire succession, and executing with precision EVERY TIME. This is the frenzy that fueled the inception of Target Rush.

Golf is a game of passive, yet fiercely competitive, pleasure. Moments of intense focus are bookended with the calm and careful approach to crafting your next shot and the camaraderie of your fellow golfers. The game is yours to play at your leisure. Target Rush disrupts that dynamic for something truly exciting.

The addition of this frenetic, rapid-fire mode to Golden Tee’s true touch execution formula is a match made in heaven, and an entirely new way to approach the classic game.

With the target on the horizon, Player 1 lines up their shot!

“We’ve spent years strategizing how we could mesh time and Golden Tee together,” said Adam Kramer, President of the Amusement Division at Incredible Technologies. “In general, time has largely gone unexplored in golf. Creating a certain urgency and pressure on every shot was the goal, and we cannot wait for our players to try something completely different.”

Each round positions the player at the tee box of one of Golden Tee’s deep catalog of fantasy golf holes. Players will also encounter looks and setups that are exclusive to this mode.

Keep hitting the target for BIG point bonuses!

“You can feel the excitement surrounding this game mode in the office as we're going through our testing process,” Kramer added. “You can hear it, too. People of all skill levels really seem to gravitate towards it. At the heart of Golden Tee is camaraderie and competition, and Target Rush taps into that special element that has driven play for nearly 35 years."

Target Rush will arrive as a Golden Tee PGA TOUR exclusive mode in the 2023/2024 update, with support for up to four players locally and Prize Play in U.S. states that support it. It will be a welcome addition for both veterans and newcomers alike, as an easy to approach challenge with TONS of room for GT elites to show off their high-level of skill.

“We think this is just the beginning,” Kramer said. “Not just with Target Rush or quicker game modes, but the Golden Tee PGA TOUR platform.”

The clock is ticking. Target Rush launches with Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023/2024 on July 31st. We’ll have much more on this exciting new addition in the weeks and months ahead.

Tick, tock.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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