New Awards in GTM!
Level up and score some loot!

Great news for high-level Golden Tee Mobile elites!

GTM's leveling system receives a refresh today, giving high-level players an opportunity to earn more rewards as they play. While the XP bar will remain in tact and anchored beneath the player's nickname on the main menu, there will no longer be a numerical value associated with a player's progression. XP will still accrue and apply toward equipment unlocks/availability as it always has.

What does this mean for players at or nearing the existing level cap? Well, it means some sweet loot is headed to your bag! Players who have earned enough XP to access of all the club sets GTM has to offer will continue to accrue XP. Every time you fill the XP bar, you earn rewards!

Let's review! Moving forward:
- Numerical value associated with a player's level has been removed.
- XP Bar will remain in tact and filling the bar (leveling) will apply toward equipment unlocks & availability.
- Players who have reached the previous level cap of 49 will continue to accrue XP as they play, earning rewards every time they fill the XP bar.

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