Latest Patch Release and Notes
Patch notes for Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 and Golden Tee LIVE 2022.

Patch notes

Patch 11 for Golden Tee LIVE 2022 and Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 games will be launching on the morning of December 12th around 9am CT.

The patch contains the following fixes:

  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Updated credits to include new employees.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Fixed an issue where YouTube Shots would show the golfer incorrectly hitting from “On Sand”, after using the Play Random Tees feature.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Fixed an issue where the Tee Zone area was not always correctly appearing under a player, specifically on 2018 and 2019 Courses.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Unlocked the Norddalen course via game code so ITNet connectivity is no longer required to have this course available.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Added the Norddalen course to the following modes: Closest to the Pin, MoneyShot, and Hole-N-Win.


  • [PGA TOUR][NFC] General changes to handle cancelling NFC purchases.
  • [PGA TOUR][NFC] Corrected multiple issues where the NFC Reader could become stuck if a device remained in the NFC field for too long.
  • [PGA TOUR][NFC] Added a “Proximity Error” to Payment Screen when a Card/Device is already on the NFC Reader.
  • [PGA TOUR][NFC] Changed connection methodology to remove delays in the Selection Screens when the NFC Reader is having connection issues.
  • [PGA TOUR][NFC] Changed connection methodology so that the NFC Reader can be reinitialized after encountering connection issues. This includes reinitializing when entering the Operator Adjustables.


  • [PGA TOUR] Corrected replays to properly preserve Club Pass Seasonal markers. This includes YouTube replays as well.
  • [PGA TOUR] Corrected text on the “Enter Email” help dialog to be more visible.
  • [PGA TOUR] Create text on the Cardless ID dialog windows to be more visible.
  • [PGA TOUR] Corrected the “Pay with Cash” dialog screen on the Equipment: Payment Screen to be more visible.
  • [PGA TOUR] Corrected the text color for certain menu items.
  • [PGA TOUR] Corrected an issue where the Season 2 splash screen could appear incorrectly.
  • [PGA TOUR] Corrected an issue where the “Pay for Cash” dialog screen in the Equipment Payment screens could incorrectly display $0. This was only a visual issue.
  • [PGA TOUR][HOME EDITION] Corrected an issue where a player could skip the payment screen when purchasing the Club Pass on Home Edition games.


  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Norddalen: Hole 11: Corrected the Aim Spot so that the player faces the green from the tee.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Norddalen: Hole 17: Corrected the Aim Spot so that the player faces the green from the tee.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Safari Dunes: Hole 11: Corrected Hole Par to 5.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Grizzly Flats: Hole 09: Corrected Drop Spot 15 to place the golfer properly for their follow up shot.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] [CTTP] Auburn Glen: Hole 08: Corrected an issue where the player would occasionally be given an 800+ tee shot to the green.
  • [PGA TOUR] [LIVE] Petra: Hole 14: Change Fringe material to correct material type.

Because of the addition of Norddalen to Closest to the Pin, all open CTTP contests will be reset Monday morning.

Because of various course fixes and changes coming in the patch, the following courses will also have Prize Play, Glory Play and Invitational Contests reset at the time the patch is released:

  • Grizzly Flats
  • Auburn Glen
  • Lake Powell
  • Jamacia Bay
  • Anse Cocos
  • Champ 99
  • Eagle's Peak
  • Easter Island
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Nihon Yoru
  • Norddalen
  • Petra
  • Sandhill Woods
  • Pine Meadow
  • Pembroke Links
  • Crawdad Swamp
  • Catedrais Beach
  • Beal’s Creek
  • Agave Ranch
  • Safari Dunes
  • Royal Dubai
  • Rhineland
  • Rattlesnake Ridge
  • Mystic Hills
  • Mayfield
  • Calypso Key
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