Latest Patch Release and Notes
Patch notes for Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 and Golden Tee LIVE 2022.

Patch notes

Golden Tee LIVE 2022 and Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 patch 9 (v17.04.09, v17.05.09 and v51.05.09) will be released on the morning of Monday, October 24th, around 9:30am CST

Season 3, which brings new tees to both GT LIVE and GT PGA TOUR, will be released with the new patch.  Season 3 also brings a new Season Club Pass for GT PGA TOUR 2022.

The patch will require resets of CTTP, Invites, 18-Hole Contests and 18-Hole Prize play.

The following courses will also be reset around 9:30am CST on Monday:

Golden Tee 2022

  • Petra
  • Nihon Yoru
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Easter Island

Golden Tee 2021

  • Monte Zeballos
  • Hidden Temple
  • Forest Knoll
  • Baja Ria
  • Anse Cocos

Golden Tee 2020

  • Oakwood Hills
  • Lake Powell
  • Jamaica Bay
  • Grand Teton
  • Dodge City

Golden Tee 2019

  • Sandhill Woods
  • Pembroke Links
  • Catedrais Beach
  • Beals Creek
  • Agave Ranch

Golden Tee 2018

  • Safari Dunes
  • Royal Dubai
  • Rhineland
  • Mayfield
  • Calypso Key 

Patch change list:

  • [GT PGA TOUR / LIVE] Corrected issues that could occur when adding the Time Release Course records to the Attract Mode. This fix will correct the previous issues with Champ 99 leaderboards and records.

  • [GT PGA TOUR / LIVE] Corrected an issue that prevented records from being saved.

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE][HOME EDITION] Added check to prevent Player Wallet from being selectable if the cost of purchase is greater than the current Player Wallet balance.

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE] Added balance update to Player Wallet when choosing to purchase the Club Pass via Player Wallet.

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE] Added the “Back” ability on the Club Pass, split payment Cash screen.

  • [GT LIVE] Added the “Back” ability on purchase screen for underfunded Gift Card purchases.

  • [GT PGA TOUR] Small correction the code function of the Bird’s Eye View camera.

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE] Added additional support for 9 Hole Event support.

  • [GT PGA TOUR] Implemented a fix to correct an issue where NFC devices were not being initialized properly on the first boot of a new cabinet.

  • [GT PGA TOUR] Correction to the 9-Wood stats for parity between PGA TOUR and LIVE products. 

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE] Removed the ability for the game to display old replay data to correct situations where replays did not match the original shot.

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE] Corrected an issue where the “Play Random Tees” feature was not properly choosing Tee Zones from the current Season Set.

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE] Corrected various issues related to purchases where a Player does not have the full value of a purchase when using Player Wallet funds.

  • [GT PGA TOUR/LIVE] Corrected an issue where Club Pass purchases made via the NFC payments could be reported to the system incorrectly.

  • [GT PGA TOUR] Correction to PGA TOUR attract mode art related to Course Logos.

  • [GT LIVE] Renamed “Coin Slot 3” to Bill Acceptor in the Operator Adjustables > Money Slots menu.

  • [GT PGA TOUR] Added the Operator Gift Card value into the Operator Adjustables Collections screens.

  • [GT LIVE] Corrected an issue where LIVE games could crash after playing Time Release Courses.

  • [PGA TOUR] Added “Operator Gift Cards” to the Collection Screens > Income pages. 


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