Latest Patch Release and Notes
Patch notes for .05 version of Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 and Golden Tee LIVE 2022.

The next patch for Golden Tee LIVE (17.04.05 & 17.05.05) and Golden Tee PGA TOUR (51.05.05) will be released at 12AM CST on Sunday, August 1st.

This next patch has a number of various course fixes and updates that will require contests on the following courses to be forced closed, including 50-man prize play and invites:

  • Petra
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Easter Island
  • Monte Zeballos
  • Forest Knoll
  • Baja Ria
  • Anse Cocos
  • Oakwood Hills
  • Lake Powell
  • Jamaica Bay
  • Grand Teton
  • Pembroke Links
  • Agave Ranch
  • Safari Dunes
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