Introducing Shape King!
Rise to the challenge in IT's new Endless Runner!

Experience air-dashing, shape-shifting, white-knuckle, arcade heaven in Shape King, Incredible Technologies’ mobile endless runner, where it’s never the same game twice! Challenge yourself to a brand-new path every run, and rise above the barriers. Ascend and grind through every “ONE. MORE. GAME.”. Think you've got what is takes to claim the title of Shape King?

For over 37 years, IT has forged a path of innovation. Building on the legacy of smash arcade hits like Golden Tee Golf and Silver Strike Bowling, we’re expanding our mobile library with a truly unique Endless Runner. Shape King offers randomized courses, meaning a NEW PATH, EVERY RUN, with an adaptive difficulty system to match your skill level. Every twist and turn feels brand new, providing endless replay value!

Step into a mysterious and awe-inspiring Sci-Fi world, as you morph, jump, dash, dodge, and slide your way through fast-paced runs, avoiding a wide variety of deadly obstacles. Collect crystals on this perilous journey without end, and use them to fuel your next run in this ever-changing adventure with boosts, power-ups, and super rad shape customization. It’s you against the world in this endless race, an ultimate test of your reflexes in its apex.

Start by selecting your shape. Sphere, Cube, or Pyramid to control along your journeys, with unique obstacles and new adventures around every curve. By morphing shapes with holograms or shape walls, navigating a most treacherous path, you'll ascend to new heights and glide beneath certain doom.

Harness the powers of Energy Blast, Invincibility, and Hyper Warp to shape your destiny! With opportunities that give you the ability you'll need to customize your run and make it your own.

Rise to the Challenge

Customize and strategize with a shop of Crystals, Lives, Boosts and Upgrades for your Abilities and Power-ups to ensure that your runs are optimized for performance! Force Fields, Magnetization, Crystal Multipliers, Mini Warps, Barricade Scramblers, and Speed Reductions will level up your run as you chase your new personal best.

Leap through shape walls and collect holograms to switch Shapes and Abilities. The further you go, the faster you go. Can you handle the speed and ascend to your throne as Shape King? You're your own biggest competition in this arcade inspired runner. Think you've got what it takes?

Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE and our social media channels for all things Shape King!

Download Shape King FREE for Apple and Android devices today!



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