GT PGA TOUR 2022 Ships Monday!
There's a new holiday to celebrate on the GT calendar!

Every year, tens of thousands of Golden Tee players across North America celebrate the day where GT updates ship out to operators and locations across the country.

Now, things are a bit different since GT 2021 came out way back in September of 2020, but, after a long wait, GT 2022 courses are here and soon-to-be launching!

But, with the addition of Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition, there are now even more ship days to celebrate and we start with Monday, May 15th, when GT PGA TOUR 2022 updates start shipping!

Players will start to see their favorite GT PGA TOUR locations get updated starting on Tuesday, but the majority of them will be delivered and installed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Use the IT Find-a-Game tool and search for the Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 marquee to know that your favorite location is now updated!

Golden Tee LIVE 2022 updates will start shipping on Tuesday, May 31st and operators will start getting those updates installed on June 1st!

The yearly Golden Tee ship day holiday is BACK and bigger than ever with multiple days to celebrate over the next few weeks!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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