Golden Tee Mobile Giveaway
The Golden Tee Mobile 250 Gold bar giveaway!

The Agave Ranch from the 2019 Golden Tee arcade courses has been added to Golden Tee Golf for Apple & Android devices! The first night course is now available to play on Golden Tee Mobile. With that, we wanted to do another giveaway but wanted to switch it up a bit. Instead of doing a top 10 shots, we want to see you insert a fun and creative caption of some kind to a screenshot of your player anywhere in Agave Ranch!

The giveaway is being run from our Golden Tee Mobile Facebook Group, which also has great insights from real players. If you're already a member of our Facebook group then you can enter HERE. If you not, you can join the group HERE.

How To Enter: Take a screenshot of your golfer anywhere on Agave Ranch and stick a caption on it! The most innovative and amusing creations will be judged by our super-critical mobile development team. Winners will all receive 250 Gold bars each, and will be revered forever as legends by this amazing group! Can you handle the fame?!

Where To Enter: Join the Golden Tee Facebook group and comment you screenshots and caption on THIS POST to enter to win 250 Gold Bars!

When To Enter: The final date for submission is Sunday, August 23rd at 11:59pm. The 25 winners will be announced on Monday, August 24th!

Full official rules here.

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