2020 World Championship Home Event Qualifying
Golden Tee 2020 World Championship Home Edtion Qualifying

Golden Tee Home Edition Worlds Qualifying

On March 9th, World Championship qualifying begins for Golden Tee Home Edition owners.  Qualifying will take place on Events Mode, new to the home edition this year.

Each Event will take place over the course of a week on a single course. Setups will vary with each play through. 

Two of the best players in that week's Home Event will qualify for the World Championship.  Five weeks of Home Events qualifying will provide us with ten total World qualifiers from the home!

Qualifying dates are as follows:

  • Week 1: March 9-March 15

  • Week 2: March 16-March 22

  • Week 3: March 23-March 29

  • Week 4: March 30-April 5

  • Week 5: April 6-April 12

Of the 88 players who qualify for the World Championship, 10 will come through Home Events, which can be played on any Golden Tee 2020 home edition cabinet. You can find out more information about owning your own Golden Tee Home Editon Cabinet here.

Once a player is qualified, they can still participate in the next Event, but any spot they qualify for will be awarded to the next non-qualified participant who meets all the requirements. 

There will be other ways to qualifying for the remaining World spots that are up for grabs, which will be revealed over the next few weeks.

“We have some exciting ideas that will change the way we build our field and crown a champion,” Incredible Technologies’ director of esports, Andy Kuhlman said. “Some will feel familiar. Others will be new to this year and hopefully tap into the competitive nature of the game we love."

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