100 Man Holiday Classic
Our next Event is LIVE for prizes!

100 Man holiday classic

We kicked off our fourth event on Monday, December 18th to celebrate the holidays!

This is 100-man prize play contests with a few twists. 

We're taking 6 holes from Summit Lakes, 6 holes from Alpine Run and 6 holes from Tundra Peak to bring you our holiday snow course!

The top prize for each contest that week will be $20!

Play 5 contests per day up until the end of week on Sunday, December 23rd


Payouts are as follows:

1st: $20

2nd: $15 

3rd: $10 

4th: $8 

5th: $6 

6th: $5 

7-10th: $4 

11-15th: $2 

16th-25th: $1 

26th-100th: 5 virtual tees


Criteria for this event:

100-man prize play

Mixed Holes (Summit Lakes, Alpine Run & Tundra Peak)

5 game limit per day

$1 entry fee (standard fee)

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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