Summer Swing '18
Our Summer Swing Home Edition contest returns next week!

Summer Swing returns for 2018!

We're in the middle of Summer and boy is it hot out there!  We're getting ready to make it even hotter with the launch of our next Home Edition contest, the Summer Swing '18!

The stipulations are simple: you must own your game, play ONLINE—Stats or Contest Play. You must also use the same Golden Tee Card, cardless ID or Lost Card ID throughout the contest.

Last year we debuted this contest and thousands of games of Golden Tee were played.  If you were around last year, you know that this is your shot at getting a free 2019 update. New owners, welcome and good luck!

This year we’re running the contest for four weeks instead of five and we’re upping the stakes a bit. We're also giving away Golden Tee gift cards so you can get out and take your game to the next level at your favorite watering hole.

Starting on Monday, July 23rd, we will have four separate weeks of qualifying on the seven Golden Tee 2018 courses, searching for unique criteria. We will qualify a total of 20 players during this time.

July 23—July 29: Most holes-in-one (top five)

July 30—Aug 5: Most great shot points (top five)

Aug 6—Aug 12: Best 10-game average score (top five)

Aug 13—Aug 19: Most birdies or betters (top five)

We will then send out locked conditions cards to those 20 players who will play all seven Golden Tee 2018 (a cycle) to determine our final contest placement.

The prizes for this are as follows:

1. Free Update and a GT Owner shirt
2. 75 percent off update and a GT Owner shirt
3. 50 percent off update and a GT Owner shirt
4. $100 Golden Tee Gift Card and a GT Owner shirt
5. $75 Golden Tee Gift Card and a GT Owner shirt
6-10. $50 Golden Tee Gift Card and a GT Owner shirt
11-20. $20 Golden tee Gift Card and a GT Owner shirt

Each week, we will qualify five players in four separate contests. Each of these contests will last seven days. They will begin at 12:01 a.m. and end at 11:59 p.m. central time.

Once all 20 players have qualified, they will be sent a locked conditions card that will allow them the opportunity to play each 2018 course ONE TIME only (all SEVEN courses) No mulligans, no do-overs. You will play each course one time and your total combined score under par will be ranked against other players. This must be played on a Golden Tee Home Edition. The 2018 cycle must be completed by Sunday, August 26.

As part of this contest, we will also raffle off two Golden Tee Home Edition t-shirts each week to anyone who plays the minimum 10 games during each qualifying event on their game. We will also raffle off one free update to a player who has played at least 10 games across all four weekly contests (40 games total).  There will also be a free update given to a mystery category that we will reveal when the contest is over!

We will raffle off the t-shirts weekly and raffle off the updates once qualifying has concluded.

In order for data to count, all games during qualifying must be completed. And again, you must play online with the SAME player account in order for you information to accumulate.

Ready? Let’s get swinging.

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