Houston Holiday Classic
Our last tournaments of the year are only a few weeks away!

The final Golden Tee tournament of the year is now just a few weeks away. The Power Events Golden Tee Tour is headed to Texas for the always magnificent Houston Holiday Classic.

This weekend is a bit different from other GT tournament weekends and there is a very good reason for that. Beyond being the last chance to play Golden Tee against some of the world’s best in 2017, Power Events will also crown two different champions on that weekend.

The event will take place at Jake's Sports Bar on Thursday, November 30 through Sunday, December 3. Sadly, the owners of Jake's have decided to move on from Golden Tee and therefore, this will be the last GT tournament that will be hosted at this location.  We thank Marvin and his entire team for all of their support of PEGT and GT over the years and wish them nothing but the best.

With that being said, Jake's Sports Bar has raised the stakes for their final GT tournament.  If we can get 100 or more players registered and playing in the main event, Jake's will add $2500 more to the prize pool, bringing their total money added up to $10,000! Right now we are up to 108 players registered and you can register all-the-way up until we start qualifying on Saturday of that weekend!

Like the rest of the PEGT events, the action begins on Thursday night with a double-elimination Closest-to-the-Pin contest, followed up by a double-elimination Money $hot contest.  Jake's is also generously add $1000 to the CTTP prize pool! 

On Friday, focus will shift to the handicap tournament. It will begin roughly at 7:30 p.m. and be single-elimination. Entry is $25, and you must have a valid GT handicap to enter. Players who finish in the top 25 percent of the handicap tournament will win their entry into the tournament’s main event on Saturday!

Qualifying for the main event will begin on Saturday. All players participating will play the five current 2018 courses. The 32 players with the lowest combined score will be placed in the gold bracket; the remaining players will compete in the purple bracket.

Because of the jam-packed weekend, double-elimination match play will kick off later Saturday night. It will continue on Sunday until there is a Houston Holiday Classic Champion.

Once we crown a 2018 Houston Holiday Classic champion, the next event will begin!

The 64 players who have accumulated the most PEGT Tour points throughout 2017 will then face off in two more main events; the Top Gun tournament (for the top 32 point leaders) and the Lil' Gun tournament (for the next 32 point leaders).

The winner of the Lil' Gun tournament will walk away with a brand-new title and a cash prize, while the winner of the Top Gun tournament will walk away with that and much more; a spot in the 2018 Golden Tee World Championship!

There is so much to do during this excitement-filled tournament weekend and even more than that at stake.  Lots of Golden Tee will be played during this weekend and friends will be made.  If you have yet to attend a Golden Tee tournament, this is one of your best opportunities to do so.  There will be at least 100 other players who are ready to tee up and play some golf with you!

For more information on Power Events' Golden Tee Tour or the Houston Holiday Classic event, visit their website:  To see the sign-up list, visit the Facebook event for the tournament.

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