The Set That Was Designed For YOU!
Introducing the First of Two New Club Sets Coming in Golden Tee 2018

It’s been a minute since Golden Tee introduced new, purchase-able club sets into the game. But this fall, that is about to change.

Build-a-Ball will still be a prominent part of the club selection process—with new and exciting additions that will be explored. But for those looking to have their club decisions made for them, Golden Tee 2018 will feature two new sets that will be available for purchase on the game, the Caddy app and also LIVEWIRE.

Creating these sets required a great deal of thought. Simply put, with more than 20 available sets right now many sets have already been done. But in the end, we came up with one simple but infectious idea.

“We’re making a club set that we know you’re going to like, because we know you’re already playing the clubs,” course designer and Golden Tee co-creator Jim Zielinski says.

Our first-ever Players’ Choice set will debut in Golden Tee 2018. The methodology behind it was a such: we pulled all of the club data for the past year, looked at all the created Build-a-Bags and took note of what was most popular among players.

We then used this information to craft a club set that would make sense—filling in large distance gaps while being mindful of some of the trends coming up on this year’s course. The end result is the first set of its kind; a set that takes the many trends and desires of Golden Tee players and puts it into one bag.

Driver (9.5 degrees, 310 Yards)

3 Wood (280 Yards)

5-Wood (255 Yards)

6-Wood (235 Yards)

7-Wood (200 Yards)

9-Wood (190 Yards)

5-Hybrid (170 Yards)

6-Iron (150 Yards)

7-Iron (140 Yards)

8-Iron (125 Yards)

9-Iron (100 Yards)

Gap Wedge (70 Yards)

Lob-Wedge (40 Yards)


“The popularity of the 6-wood and 5-hybrid were clearly evident when looking at the data,” Zielinski adds. “Elevation is clearly what many players want, especially when combined with the possibility of using high tees. The Players’ Choice features that trend plus the irons necessary to complete the back half of the set.”

The Players Choice’ will be available on all Golden Tee 2018 cabinets, which ships in September. As for what our next club set will be? Well, stay tuned. You’re going to love what we (well, someone else) has in store.


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