'Real' Golf Has Its Day
The Biggest Prize Pool to Date PLUS a Spot in the Worlds is on the Line - Let's Get Freaky

Let’s change things up a bit, as we often do with Freaky Fridays. Let’s take the game you know and love, Golden Tee, and make it as close to real golf as possible.

What do we mean by this? Well, that part can be complicated. We’ve put together a course made up just like the one you play on the weekend—one without a drivable par-4 on its ground.

This is about shot-making, and such expert shot making will be rewarded with cash and perhaps a spot in the Golden Tee World Championship. Paul Tayloe was the first player to qualify for the Worlds on Freaky Friday, posting a ridiculous -38 last week.

Who will join him? This week’s winner will, as will the next two Freaky Friday winners after that.

But that’s not at all. This prize pool will be the largest Freaky Friday prize pool to date—more than $4,700 and more than $400 top prize. These are enormous stakes for a week that will likely feature some fascinating, different scores.

So join us on the Daily Contest, this Friday, December 2, for our latest creation. Even if you can’t play golf outside, for one day, you can play indoors.

Want a six-hole preview? Here ya go.


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