Behold the Bracket
Here is the Full Schedule For the GT Worlds; Plan Your Cubicle Streaming Accordingly

The Golden Tee World Championship bracket is locked and loaded. Now, every tucked inside within this bracket—from the very first game in the very first round to the championship with $10,000 on the line—has a time and date.

Even if you are not competing in the March 16-17 event at the lovely Las Vegas Convention Center, you will want to be aware of the following. The plan, barring any technological setbacks, is to stream all eight cabinets at the Golden Tee Worlds.

In the past we’ve just streamed one game; although in an effort to capture hours of action, we’ve come up with a method to show so much more.

Matches for Day 1 of the World Championship will start noon pacific time. The last matches on Day 1 will begin at 4 PM pacific time. On Day 2, matches will begin one hour earlier—11 AM pacific time.

Once the bracket has played out, the Golden Tee World Championship match will begin at 3:30 PM locally. If a second game is necessary because of the double-elimination format, it will begin directly after Game 1 is complete—likely right around 4 PM.

Here is a look at the bracket and anticipated match times. Click on the image below for a full size, printable image.

Now, this is indeed a lot to take in. The players in Vegas will rely on this to know when and where they are playing. If you are not participating, you should take note of the match times and when you should tune into streaming.

We will have the full event covered on with live video, commentary, updated brackets and more. As you look it over, remember that these are pacific times. Plan your cubicle/office streaming accordingly. 

We have much more to come on the Golden Tee World Championship in the next way. Stay tuned for more.

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