Live on Grand Savannah!
Take a Trip on the Golden Tee Daily Contest Throwback Safari Today!

While there is no bad time to take a safari, today feels like a particularly good day to enjoy this wildlife voyage. And yes, let’s sprinkle a little golf in there, too.

Today’s Daily Contest Classic Course of the Week is the magnificent Grand Savannah—a golf course known for its wildlife, its fantastic buffet of surfaces and one of the most challenging par-3s Golden Tee has ever known.

Play the Daily Contest anytime before midnight central, and you’ll be tossed on Grand Savannah. You can play as many times as you please, honing in on winds, pins and setups. Only your best score will count and be shown on the leaderboard.

The top 400 players will walk away winners. Next week, we’ll do the Throwback ritual all over again.

What setup, you ask? Check on Monday to find out.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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