To Week 3 We Go...
Our Latest Callaway Home Edition Tour Event is Now Halfway Complete

The Deep Freeze Open isn’t nearing a deep thaw just yet. But our latest Golden Tee Home Edition Callaway Tour event is now halfway complete. More specifically, 10 of our 20 finalists have been determined.

Before we dive into a recap of the week that was, let’s explore what we’re looking for in Week 3. After searching for the Golden Tee Home Edition players with the most birdies or better, we’re turning our attention to aces.

Between now and 11:59 p.m. central time on Sunday, February 21, the five Home Edition players with the most holes-in-one will be added to the finals.

Please note: all games must be a) completed and c) take place on 2016 courses. Also, be sure to play on the same Golden Tee LIVE Player Card or credit card in order to accumulate data.

As for Week 2, saying that players put everything they had into this contest would be an understatement. We had two players finish with more than 4,500 birdies (or better) in a single week! In terms of an overall view, we had 143 players finish with at least 100 birdies or better. Remarkable.

The final leaderboard looked as such—with Kelly Ambrose, Raymond Lee, Jeremiah Lehr, Richard King and Michael Pence all locking up spots in the finals. Congratulations to all five on some magnificent shooting and dedication.


With Week 2 complete, we now have 10 finalists secured. Once all 20 players have been determined, they will participate in one last challenge using locked conditions cards—a way to ensure that conditions for the courses will be the exact same.

In this final event, each player will play all five 2016 courses using this card to get a total (cycle) score.

The prizes for this finish will be as follows:

1st) Callaway XR Driver

2nd) Odyssey Works Putter

3rd) Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Wedge

4th-5th) Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

6th-10th) Callaway Golf Towel

11th-15th) Callaway Hat

16th-20th) Callaway Golf Cooler

Haven’t locked up a spot yet? Have no fear. We’re only halfway done. There are still two more weeks to go—10 more chances to earn a spot in the finals.

And even if you don’t secure a spot via your performance, you can still win. Anyone who plays at least 10 games each week (or 40 total) will have a shot at winning an illuminated marquee or a keypad through raffle.

There are many ways to cash in on the Deep Freeze Open. For more information on the Golden Tee Home Edition, visit


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