Play as the Presidents
In Honor of President’s Day, We’re Revisiting Two Magnificent Giveaway Codes

The connection between former presidents and Golden Tee runs deep. Not only are we running a contest on Presidents' Day this year—adding $500 to the Daily Contest and Money $hot—but we’re also looking back on two of the most outstanding additions the game has ever known.

While these two headwear items are not new, they might be for many of you. Also, these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill hats; these are faces of famous people. More specifically, you can play Golden Tee as a president.

To unlock either Abe Lincoln or George Washington in Golden Tee 2016, simply hit the options button at any moment during a LIVE game, highlight and select “Giveaway Code” and enter the following.

George Washington can be yours by entering 2120202020.

You can unlock Abe Lincoln with 31ABEABE14.

You can find both of the items under headwear in the customize golfer section of the menu. Throw one on, and you’re ready to tee off in the appropriate presidential garb.

Enjoy the gear, and stay tuned to for more giveaway codes!


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