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Introducing the Callaway GT Home Edition Tour

The competition on the Golden Tee Home Edition is about to change for good.

The Callaway GT Home Edition Tour is coming, starting June 1, and a building community of players are about to enjoy an exciting new way to win prizes from the comfort of their basement of man cave.

What is the Callaway GT Home Edition Tour, you ask? It’s a series of monthly contests that will be exclusive to Home Edition owners, the first of which will start in June. If you have a GT Home Edition and a Golden Tee Player Card, you are eligible to win some fantastic Callaway gear. All you have to do is play.

Drivers, wedges, putters, coolers, towels and more will all be awarded during contests spread throughout the year. Plus, we’ll still give away updates and have raffles that will not depend at all on score but rather participation.

The parameters for these contests will also be different from one another, starting with our first contest that will begin shortly. Although we’ll release official contest details soon enough, know that this first event will be broken down into different sections (well, weeks).

And the grand finale in our first contest? Well, you’re going to love it. Trust on this. It will all make sense soon.

If you have a Golden Tee Home Edition, stay tuned. If you don’t own a game just yet, this is a good time to remind you that we’re offering free shipping and a special gift pack on all purchases throughout the month of May.

Plus… look at all the fantastic contests that are only getting started. Visit for more including pricing, images and a list of features.

The Callaway GT Home Edition Tour is coming. Get ready.

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