The Holiday Hangover Sale
Bring the Golden Tee Home Edition Home at a Very Special Price

The gift-giving season may be over, but the purchasing season has only just begun. With all that holiday cash you have at your disposal, we have just the thing in mind. And, most relevant of all, we’re offering it a fantastic price.

The Golden Tee Home Edition Holiday Sale is no more; the Golden Tee Home Edition Holiday HANGOVER Sale, however, is just getting started. Between now and the end of January, you can save $300 and get free shipping on all purchases of GT for your home. PLUS, you get Golden Tee in your home.

And that’s not all; you get a little something special with your purchase. Although you have to contact us to find out exactly what that is.

Your Golden Tee Home Edition is now online, equipped with Glory Contests, stats, YouTube uploads, special equipment and so much more. Your golfer you’ve built at the bars will be exactly the same way in your man cave, and you’ll be able to unlock special clothing items just like you’ve done all along.

Perhaps best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy all the finer things the game has to offer on 50 COURSES. You’ll have access to the 2015 courses—the most scoreable creations ever made—plus every LIVE course crafted since 2005.

You’ll have so much to do and so much time to do it. If you’ve searched long and hard for the missing bar piece or simply want to bring the game to you, visit for much more, including a full list of features and pricing options.

You can also check out Game Room Guys, a valued distributor of ours and proud carrier of the Golden Tee Home Edition. They offer packages both with and without stands.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us today to secure your order or if you have questions regarding the game.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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