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Is This the Greatest GT Home Edition Setup Ever? Good Luck Topping It

Gordy Brown has a pool and a projection screen. Jason Loschiavo has a Golden Tee Home Edition.

Each item by itself will provide substantial entertainment on its lonesome. Combined, however, the possibilities are so magnificent, the scene so lovely, it’s almost hard to fathom.

Well, it was hard to fathom. Then the two Florida friends—and they become friends playing Golden Tee—combined these three things to create a magnificent situation.

Pool, Golden Tee, a projection screen, beer (there was indeed beer)… what else do you need?

“We don't want to go to bed,” Brown said, discussing the setup at last weekend’s Florida Open. “But you have to at some point. The sun starts to come up.”

Brown typically uses his lovely projection screen pool for football watching. A fan of all Michigan sports, perhaps paradise watching is the only way to make viewing the Detroit Lions on weekly basis tolerable. (I'm sorry, Gordy, but it all makes sense now.)

Regardless, his magnificent setup—along with Jason's GT Home Edition—has created perhaps the finest Golden Tee playing environment ever.

Yes, there are pictures, including an anxious dog wanting camera time.

This seems like a good time to remind you that all Golden Tee Home Editions are $300 off throughout the month of February to celebrate Valentine's Day. Visit for more information, or contact us for questions on getting your dream GT setup.

As for their dream GT setup...

And, of course, the dog cameo. Hello, dog.

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