Course Caddy: Shady Acres No. 7
A Fair and Straightforward Par-5 Challenge Greets You Before the Turn

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Shady Acres Hole No. 7

There’s no secret landing area, no hidden path. To eagle the second par-5 on the Shady Acres’ front, you need two quality shots. Well, you need one good shot and one really good shot, although we’ll get to that part soon enough.

It begins with your work off the tee, and placement is integral to the next shot. You don’t want to be too far back, otherwise reaching the green will be a near impossibility. Instead, landing between the two fairway bunkers—leaning toward the left side of the fairway—is a solid strategy, one that should give you at least a shot at the green.

Of course, every yard here is crucial. The better your placement, the easier the next shot might be. And that approach into the green can be a doozy.

It’s going to require a fair amount of cut on the trackball—some variety of the A-1 ballpark, although it’s not quite that simple. The trees on the right are an obstacle and the water behind the green is the more significant item of note. It’s easy to lose focus on distance control when you’re worried about the appropriate shot type, and this ball can travel somewhat easily.

Don’t miss long. I repeat: Don't miss long.

It’s the last place (obviously) you can end up. Missing short, leaving you with a chip is a wonderful fallback.

Ideally, you won’t miss either way. You’ll have the appropriate shot for the given pin placement and you’ll trickle onto the green. Where the pin is located will drastically impact this shot, and pins on the left side of the green won’t be nearly as challenging.

If the pin is in the middle or on the right part of the green, the cut will be more severe and the trees are more likely to come into play. It’s not impossible by any means, but the shot becomes slightly more daunting.


Quite simply, it’s one of the toughest eagles to come by consistently on the par-5s in 2014. It can be done, and it will be conquered, but be sure to make good misses if you miss.

What works for you here?

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