Last Call: Big Game Super Sale
The Super Bowl Will Likely Disappoint, the Golden Tee Home Edition Will Not

Super Bowl week is upon us, and Indianapolis will be the hub for 95% of the sports stories you will hear this week. It will be annoying, and by Wednesday you will have undoubtedly destroyed most of your televisions with a baseball bat.

Before you destroy all of your televisions, however, perhaps we can entice you to save at least one of them for something awesome.

This is the final week to get in on the Big Game Super Sale and get a great deal on a Golden Tee Home Edition. Although you likely won’t have this game in time for the Super Bowl, you can finally get the Golden Tee for the home you always wanted and have a good excuse for not smashing your last viewing device.

The game can be yours for a special Super Bowl price, and that’s not all. You'll also receive six Golden Tee shirts along with a $100 Golden Tee LIVE Gift Card for when you leave your magnificent man cave and decide to head to the bar. If you're already a Home Edition owner but know of someone that might be interested in the game, your referral could earn you rewards as well. We are now offering a $100 referral gift card bonus on all home unit sales.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to bring the game to you, now's the time. And even if this week’s game is one massive disappoint smothered in disappointing commercials, we guarantee that having a Golden Tee in your own home will NOT let you down.

For more information on the features, the pricing and the other Home Edition games available, visit the official Golden Tee Home Edition website. Also be sure to Contact Us with any questions you might have about the game!

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