Winston's Southeast Worlds Warm-Up
Catch this player run event LIVE all weekend!

Winston's Southeast Worlds Warm-up kicks off today, pitting 40 top-tier Golden Tee players against one another across six Golden Tee PGA TOUR machines for...well, a warm-up before the 2023 Golden Tee World Championship in Vegas! The storied event takes place at Winston's in Marietta, GA today and tomorrow (June 10th and 11th), and the entire competition will be streamed LIVE on YouTube!

The event begins Saturday with a five course qualifier and two PGA TOUR exclusive courses in play, with match play to follow on Sunday until a champion is crowned!

GT tourneys have been a mainstay of Winston's since 2010, when Dutch Williams began holding Tuesday night events at the venue, spring-boarding years of GT competition at the establishment. With the recent passing of Mr. Williams, this weekend's tournament will be dedicated in his honor and Dutch's ATL GT jersey will become a permanent fixture at Winston's.

Catch the entire event LIVE on YouTube all weekend long!

Thanks to Mark Williams for his incredible effort in putting this event together for the players and fans!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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