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As Golden Tee PGA TOUR games start to ship out of our Vernon Hill warehouse and make their way to your nearest watering hole in the coming weeks, we wanted to make sure you are set up and ready to go with the brand new GT PGA TOUR Caddy app!

This companion app will be your one-stop shop for everything GT PGA TOUR.  Customize your golfer, purchase and select equipment, find-a-game near you, compare stats with your buddies, download your digital NFC player card and more!

If you've previously used the GT Caddy for GT LIVE, you will find a very familiar, but refreshed look for the GT PGA TOUR Caddy.

It's extremely important to download your digital player card right away, as this is what you will use to check in to your new favorite GT PGA TOUR cabinet by tapping your phone to the GT PGA TOUR cabinet's NFC reader.

Tapping your phone on the GT PGA TOUR cabinet NFC reader

Your player wallet remains virtually the same.  It is still shared between all of Incredible Technologies LIVE games.  A few changes were made in the new caddy app as required by Apple and Google,though.  You can no longer add credit funds to your player account to pay for games with.  You can now purchase Caddy Coins, which are a virtual currency used in the caddy app to purchase new clubs, new balls, allow you to build a bag of your own set of clubs or purchase clothing items.  You can still cash out your winnings, if you're in such a state that allows this, but you need to do it while logged in to your account on the website.

Speaking of equipment, you will have the ability to build a bag virtually identical to the one you currently use on GT LIVE.  Although there are new pre-built bags and balls, they all share attributes or clubs with existing GT LIVE equipment.  You can still build a ball using ANY of the golf balls that were a part of GT LIVE.

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