This week's Event
The casual tee boxes make their first Events appearance on Sandhill Woods

Sandhill Woods Novice Tees

Events mode returns to kickoff the year 2019!

This week we're taking you to the backwoods of North Carolina, to a course know to you as Sandhill Woods!

We are introducing you to a new feature of Events mode that we are really excited about; the ability to pre-select your tee boxes! 

The novice tee boxes that you will see all week during this Event, will be the first time that these boxes can be played with all of your custom clubs, balls and gold tees!

We can almost guarantee that you will see some new Jim Z creations aced over the course of this week.  Scores also have a chance to be record-low for this brilliant 2019 creation!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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