Shots of the Year
Counting Down the Best Golden Tee Great Shots of 2016

The goal, above all, is to entertain. If you can leave this page having seen something you’ve never seen before or having laughed or hopefully spammed this with every single person you know, mission accomplished. That is the nature of highlighting a year’s worth of YouTube brilliance, condensing it down and celebrating those efforts that were truly sensational.

“Sensational,” of course, is a word that takes on different meaning. Do we highlight the truly skilled shots or stick with the shots that were so bad that they turned out magnificent? This question has been asked time and time again, and there is no good answer.

We love the skilled. We love the weird. We love the bad that is so bad it’s good. All of it. And all of it can be found here. Welcome to another addition of ‘Shots of the Year.’

Here’s the deal. Over the course of a 365-day period, I watch thousands upon thousands of Golden Tee Great Shots. If you send it or post it at Facebook, I will watch. I dig for these shots as well, using a special Golden Tee Great Shots tool. We take this process very seriously, as you can probably see.

This is the end result of all that time spent: Our 10 favorite shots of the year, counting down one-by-one.

Those who help make the game great—artists, designers, programmers, sales folk, marketing peeps (hi!) and more—helped pick our finalists.

And so, since you’ve probably already skipped this section to go read it, we are left with this.

Please, please, please continue to do amazing things in Golden Tee. We love all of your efforts, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with next.


10. Rough, Rock and Cup


9. Off the Wall


8. Up and Over and Off and In


7. Antelope Insanity (Part 1)


6. Thanks, Palm Tree


5. Antelope 18 Insanity (Part 2)




3. The 436-Yard Dunk: Turbo Edition (R.I.P.)


2. Around the Volcano


1. Silo Fireworks

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