The Golden Tee 2017 Home Edition Trailer!
As If You Needed Any More Reasons to Bring GT Home, We Have Found One

Just how many exciting new additions are coming your way to the Golden Tee Home Edition? So many that we decided to create a robust new trailer rather than telling you over and over again.

I’m just going to put this right here before you see all of the amazing new things coming your way in Golden Tee 2017: If you have a Golden Tee Home Edition and want to order an update OR you’re ready to take the plunge and order a Golden Tee Showpiece™, and you’ll receive 2017 for FREE if you do, you should contact us today.

Like, now. Go ahead.

OK, now let’s watch this amazing trailer.

There’s not much to add to that, really. Well, other than reiterating just how much the game is going to change with the debut of Player Invitationals. Soon you will be able to play your friend—Home Edition owners, friends at the bar, anyone in the Golden Tee world, etc.—for bragging rights or cold hard cash.

Have a friend in California that you rarely see and want to challenge? Want to clobber your brother down the street? You can do just that and so much more, assuming you’re online.

Plus there are 60 courses. Exclusive game modes. Clothing. Clubs. Balls. Excellence. And more. Heck, you watched the trailer. You’ve seen just how much we’ve packed into this game.

So get excited. And yes, make sure you’ve got Golden Tee 2017 preordered or a Showpiece headed your way. We can help you with that, just reach out today. 

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