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Golden Tee 2015 is Home Edition Bound; PLUS Awesome Draw and Holiday Madness!

A new era of the Golden Tee Home Edition is upon us. The 2015 installment—headlined by five of the most scoreable™ courses ever created—is available now.

The wait is over. The latest and greatest in the world of GT can be yours, online and feature packed: Stat-tracking, Glory contests, 50 courses, YouTubes uploads, high-performance equipment, clothing and the all-new King of the Hill mode are included in this year’s update.

Plus, you’ll still have access to the offline CTTP mode, which is the perfect party feature.

If you’re looking to purchase a game, you can do so now. Feel free to contact us for pricing information and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have. If you already own a Home Edition and have been anxiously awaiting this update, the following will be news for you.

The winners of Awesome Draw have been determined, and the following Home owners will be walking away winners.

1) Free 2015 Home Edition Update - Chad Kane 

2) $200 Gift Card - Eric Lindon 

3) $100 off 2015 update - Steve McNabney 

4) $100 off 2015 update - Mark Edwards 

5) $100 off 2015 update - Richard King 

6) $50 Gift Card - Joanne O’Donnell 

7) $50 Gift Card - James Jack 

8) $50 Gift Card - Joel Purdom 

9) Golden Tee LIVE Shirt - Brian Rehling

10) Golden Tee LIVE Shirt - Casey Schechter

BUT wait... there's more. In fact, in only a few days, there will be a lot more. 

The holiday season, as strange is this is to type, is suddenly approaching. As a result, the Golden Tee Home Edition Holiday Sale is patiently waiting in the on-circle.

Curious as to what the savings are this year? Contact us and we’ll give you a sneak peek.

Expect to see the full rundown of this year’s holiday madness later on this week.

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