New Year, New Sale
Celebrate the Start of 2013 by Getting Golden Tee For Your Home

Do you have a little extra holiday cash on your hands? Would you like to have a Golden Tee game in your home? If you’re nodding anxiously at the moment, already scrambling to find out more, then you’re in luck.

We’re celebrating the New Year by providing a new deal on the Golden Tee Home Edition. We offered up specials leading up to the December 25th, and now that your pockets are (hopefully) slightly more padded we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all Home Editions purchased before January 31st.

If your New Year’s resolution was to “play more Golden Tee,” and I assume that it was, then adding the same game from the bar to your man cave could certainly go a long way in getting you to your goal.

With the monster plans we have in store for the Golden Tee Home Edition in 2013, now is the time to get onboard.

The offline version of Golden Tee will be going online in a matter of months. Home owners will be able to track stats and use their own personal golfer, and all home game purchases will come online ready. This means that when online play finally hits, you’ll be just a few steps away from getting connected.

Translation: You won’t want to miss it.

Interested in getting one? Pricing options? Have questions about the online play that’s on the horizon? Contact us for any inquiry you might have, and be sure to check out the Golden Tee Home Edition website for information on all the wonderful features that come with the game.

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