What's New: 2017

Player Invitationals

Players Invitationals

The player now has complete control.

In Golden Tee 2017, players from the United States will be able to challenge friends, family, bar buddies, whoever to private 18-hole contests. Pick the people (up to 10 players), pick the course and pick the stakes. In states that allow it, contests for prizes—with the option to play with or without handicaps—will be allowed.

You can set it all up on the GT Caddy or on LIVEWIRE. You’ll be able to add your buddies to your Friend list, invite them to contest and enhance your Golden Tee experience like never before!



On the heels of Build-a-Bag, we bring you Build-a-Ball. And the name does the heavy lifting when it comes to this exciting new addition.

Using the GT Caddy app or LIVEWIRE, players will have the ability to customize their golf ball. They’ll be able to pick the color, the attributes from a golf ball that has been featured in LIVE and also the effect.

New to 2017, the effect will be seen on each drive off a tee box throughout the round. If you’ve always wanted fireworks, poker chips or stars to come out of your golfer, this exciting new addition is for you.

Customize your entire game!

Custom Putters

Custom Putters

Putt with a flamingo. Putt with a shotgun. Putt with an umbrella. You can even putt with a selfie stick.

That’s right. In Golden Tee 2017, we’re upping the ante when it comes to equipment cosmetics. And for the first time in the history of the game, we’re letting golfers use something other than a traditional putter on the greens.

They even make a sound on contact!

You have an entire arsenal of new putters to pick from, and they’ll only cost you a buck. To unlock this putter, access the GT Caddy app on your Apple or Android device or login into LIVEWIRE.

Freaky Fridays

Freaky Fridays

If you have wondered what it would be like to play a course made up off all par-5s and all par-3s, you will now know. Freaky Fridays will commandeer the Daily Contest each and every, well, Friday.

As part of the action, unique 18-hole creations will be featured each week. Beyond the two themes mentioned above, countless other courses—featuring holes across LIVE—will be put into action every week, starting October 21.

The list of potential themes are endless!

Every week will be something new, only on the Daily Contest. Now that is one heck of an addition.

Online CTTP

CTTP Online

Oh, we didn’t forget about you, Closest-to-the-Pin.

In Golden Tee 2017, players have the chance to compete in a nine-hole CTTP contest online. While the ability to play for prizes and casually was available, now you will be able to compete in 20-man online contests using your golfer and equipment.

Challenge your friend across the country. Challenge the online world.

Your Custom Putter will do you no good here. This is all about getting it as close to—or hopefully in the—hole with one of your nine shots. Good luck!

Five New Courses

Five New Courses

Play in Iceland. Play in Japan. Play in paradise across the world.

Once again, Golden Tee course designer Jim Zielinski and the team have outdone themselves with five spectacular creations scattered around the globe.

There are now 60 courses in all to choose from in Golden Tee 2017, and you can explore the entire catalog at any point and time.

More Clothing than Ever!

New Clothing

We want you to look good. To prove it, we’ve added more virtual clothing items than any other update—including a complete revamp of the entire wardrobe!

Unlike previous years, we will release new clothing items through the 2017 life cycle. Don’t want to wait for what’s coming? Visit the GT Caddy App or your Player Account on LIVEWIRE and purchase any item at any time!