Courses: 2018
2018 Courses


Safari Dunes - Safari Dunes takes you on a wild adventure in southern Africa. Take a walk on the wild side through dangerously beautiful terrain, rich with dark sand, fescue and teeming ocean frontage. You’ll walk amongst elephants, hippos and other roaming beasts as you try to tame your shots through this unique course.

Calypso Key - At one of the southern most points of the Caribbean on the island of Barbados lies this lush 18-hole golf course. Soft white waves from crystal blue water roll onto gleaming white beaches that border the course, while volcanic rock, tropical greenery and immense palm trees line the fairways. What this land lacks in elevation is made up for in unusual tropical terrain. Prepare to be floored by its exotic beauty and bewildered by the challenge.

Mayfield Golf Club - Throw the clubs in the trunk and head down to Mayfield Golf Club, an Iowa park district course that looks and feels like a course you’ve probably played on in your own neighborhood. Play golf the Golden Tee way through a lively suburb, where the ground is in need of repair and the local water towers and power lines hovering in the distance. Here, shirt and shoes are most certainly optional.

Rhineland - Situated in the Rhine River Valley among stone castles and mountain walls exists Rhineland, Golden Tee’s uniquely German course. The long, twisting Rhine River winds its way through nearly every hole, serving as a natural obstacle on this mountainous course. Prepare yourself for a long hike through dense forest as you chase your ball up down and around the magnificent mountain range.

Royal Dubai - After nearly 30 years of daylight golf, Golden Tee heads to the United Arab Emirates for a taste of golf after midnight. With average temperatures exceeding 100 degrees during the day for much of the year, the only way to golf is at night, with soft ground illumination to light the way. The towering Dubai skyline serves as a spectacular backdrop as you navigate an extravagant mix of waterfalls, sand hazards and thick palm trees across the luxury resort course.

Rattlesnake Ridge & Mystic Hills - Two popular courses from the historic Golden Tee Fore! platform make a comeback in 2018. These fan favorites have been fully reimagined for Golden Tee LIVE, and will appeal to the nostalgia buff as well as new players seeking more fun and variety. Rattlesnake Ridge, a winding, rocky desert adventure, debuts in January. Mystic Hills, a lush peaceful turn through the Pennsylvania countryside, becomes available in March.

Rattlesnake Ridge A winding, rocky desert adventure from Golden Tee Fore! 2002 debuts in January

RattleSnake Ridge will be playable in Invitational Contests starting December 4th and available for live and prize play on January 1st.     

Mystic Hills A lush peaceful turn through the Pennsylvania countryside from the original Golden Tee Fore!, becomes available in March.      

Mystic Hills will be playable in Invitational Contests starting February 1st and available for live and prize play on March 1st.