Golden Tee Tournament Edition (GTTE) vs Golden Tee Mobile (GTM) FAQs

Are these the same or different games?

These will be separate apps that you download and play. They will both be Golden Tee at their core, but have different audiences in mind.

Which game do I want to play?

If you want to compete with others for real cash prizes, then you want the Tournament Edition. If you want to practice with mulligans, play a campaign mode, and play challenges then you want Golden Tee Mobile.

Why a separate game?

When you have an app that allows skill-based gaming for real cash prizes it isn’t going to be allowed in every app store. Some of them have rules against skill-based wagering.

Where is it available?

The Tournament Edition will be available for download for Apple iOS devices from the normal App Store. For Samsung android devices it will be available in the Samsung Galaxy Store and for all other android devices it can be side-loaded from https://games.skillz.com/games/sports/golden-tee-tournament-edition-18147 when it is available.

Is Golden Tee Mobile going away?

No, it is staying as is and will continue to receive content updates. For those who don’t want to play for cash prizes the competition might even be a little lighter for you if GTTE becomes popular with the best players.

I like the quick CTTP game modes. Will they come to GTM?

Yes. We want to have them exclusively featured in GTTE for a bit, but the quick modes will make their way to GTM soon.

Will my balls, tees and other equipment be in GTTE waiting for me?

GTTE has a level playing field. When you join a contest you will have access to everything exactly as your competitors do. The same clubs, balls, tees, etc. will be provided to both players regardless of what they have in GTM.

I played a GTTE round and my equipment was limited. Why?

If you are playing Z Coin games, then we limit the consumables you have available. If you are playing a cash game, then you will have unlimited access to all equipment.

Will my Gold Bars and Silver Coins transfer to the new game?

The Tournament Edition uses real cash and Z Coins from Skillz. The currency inside of the GTM game will not transfer and is not applicable to the new game.

What is Skillz?

Unlike GTM where Incredible Technologies does everything, we are partnered with Skillz for the Tournament Edition game. They handle managing the contests, entry fees and cash payouts for us. You will need to create a Skillz account to play GTTE. They do have cash incentives and bonuses for signup and deposits.

I only see a couple game modes available and don’t see one I was looking for. Why is this?

If you only see one or two game modes make sure you hit the orange down arrow in the “Head to Head” and “Practice” titles to see all the offerings.

The cash games only pay out 80% compared to the 90% that GTM does. Why so greedy?

We actually take less than half of that percentage and also have to split it with Skillz. The majority of that percentage actually goes back to the players as cash bonuses, incentives, achievements, weekly winners and more!

Are there only Head to Head games? Where are the 10-man contests?

As we first launch GTTE we aren’t sure what modes will be the most popular and how many people we will have in the first few weeks, so we limited it to Head to Head play only. This is to ensure contests will close quickly and people do not have their cash tied up too long. As we grow this game we will introduce larger prize pools, bigger participant pool contests and larger events. Stay tuned!

My stats in GTTE are not changing, and are not always accessible. What’s going on?

We only accumulate stats for players in cash games. You must also be signed in to a linked GTM account in order to access the stats section from the main menu. If you are not seeing the stats icon, check to make sure you are linked to your GTM account.

How do I link my GTM account in GTTE?

You can link your GTTE game with your Golden Tee Mobile account by touching the swinging golfer icon at the bottom of the first menu and then touching the “LOG IN HERE” button. Alternatively, you can touch the settings gear in the first menu and then touch the Account button. Either way will allow you to log in with your Golden Tee Mobile account email. If you don’t have an email because you use a Google/Apple login you will need to add your email in GTM to link your accounts.

I want more clothing options! Where are they?

If you link your GTM account (see above) you will be dressed in GTTE as you are in GTM despite the limited options found in GTTE’s customize section.