Courses: 2016
2016 Courses


Hawthorne Manor - Unmatched architecture serves as the backdrop for Hawthorne Manor, a golfing journey that takes us back in time. The buildings are not of this generation—17th century blocks of stone that were standing tall long before you ever teed off. The gardens and fountains bring this throwback to life, while the open world is welcoming in its own way. Although it may be a classic setting, it’s not out of touch. You’ve never seen Golden Tee like this.

Antelope Pass - The population of Interior, South Dakota can be measured in the hundreds—well, maybe. While it is barely inhabited and rarely visited by choice, it is home to a Golden Tee course that exemplifies its harsh but intoxicating geography. Dirt, rock, fescue, sun and small areas of water—the area’s most limited resource— make up Antelope Pass. Off the beaten path, this stop also houses one of the game’s most elusive obstacles: the drivable par-5.

Winding Pines - One of the world’s purest golfing meccas—a destination people flood to without an ounce of persuasion—finally has a home in the game you love. Winding Pines takes us to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the name introduces the vital information necessary. Enormous bunkers, trees that touch the sky’s ceiling, winding rivers and perfectly placed lakes are scattered throughout this creation. These elements may be familiar, although the course still demands the utmost planning.

Volcano Palms - The views are spectacular. The water is magnificent glass. The palm trees are immaculate. The lava is, well, hot. Waikui, Hawaii is a place one hopes to vacation at least once in their life and Volcano Palms puts paradise to good use. While the views are simply spectacular, this utopia can pack a punch for those who stray from the fairway. The new and improved lava isn’t all for show, you see. Throw on the sunscreen, grab a life jacket and don’t get burned.

Elkhorn Ridge - In the foothills of Mount Robson exists Elkhorn Ridge, a trek into the virtual golfing wilderness. The elevation changes will demand precision off the tees and proper strategy through—as you look up and down at what’s ahead. The rolling creeks will provide the soundtrack for these glorious 18 holes, which certainly has no shortage of water. And although the snow might not line the fairways, it can and will be found on occasion. Hopefully “on occasion” isn’t all too often.