Home Edition

From the bar to your basement—bring Silver Strike X home!

Silver Strike Bowling Home EditionCelebrate one of the greatest bowling games ever made! Silver Strike X, the offline version of Silver Strike LIVE, is the perfect piece for your basement or man cave. 

  • Plug and Play: Just unpack your Showpiece™ cabinet, move it where you like it and enjoy HD bowling on a screen size of your choosing!
  • Game Modes Galore: Test out your skills on Classic Bowling or enjoy the wonders of Vegas Bowling, where you’ll earn a playing card for each mark!
  • Customize The Look: Change your sex, appearance, hat, shirt and more! Be the character you’ve always wanted to be!
  • Customize the Feel: Find the bowling ball that best suits your game. Do you go heavy? Do you throw a big-breaking ball? The choice is yours.
  • Local Leaderboards: All your greatest games and achievements will be saved and stored on the game! The race for home bragging rights is on!

Interested?Contact us and Find Out Much More About the Silver Strike X!