Pursue PowerPutt Perfection to Post Your Portrait in a Place of Prominence!

Some players will be satisfied with a rare -20 score. For others an impressive -25 is the best they can muster. But to be a true PowerPutt Pro you need to be better than that. You need an eye for angles and a steady stroke. You need to reach for the elusive Thirty Under.

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No!

The true putting savant can assemble a razor-sharp touch, geometric precision and a bit of luck into a single round, and finish with a score of more than 30 strokes under par.

If you are skilled enough to manage this illustrious achievement, take your picture next to the game with your score clearly visible. Send the photo in to IT, along with your name, mailing address, and the location you played at to PowerPutt@itsgames.com. You will then be added to the hallowed halls of the Thirty Under Club right here!

Bruce Matthews
Bruce Matthews, PowerPutt LIVE
Chatterbox Tavern - Knoxville, TN
Kevin Austin
Kevin Austin, PowerPutt LIVE
Bottles Pub - Pinellas Park, FL
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson, PowerPutt LIVE
Last Call - Tulsa, Ok
Jeff Sutton
Jeff Sutton, PowerPutt LIVE
Throwbacks - St Charles, MO
Michael Manning
Michael Manning, PowerPutt LIVE
The Billiard Den - Richardson, TX
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson, PowerPutt LIVE
Last Call - Tulsa, Ok
Kevin Welsh
Kevin Welsh, PowerPutt LIVE
Boston's - Waldorf, MD
Adam Hussey
Adam Hussey, PowerPutt LIVE
Jack Patrick's Bar & GRILL - St. Louis, MO
Christopher Gentry
Christopher Gentry, PowerPutt LIVE
Boston's - Waldorf, MD
Harry Meade
Harry Meade, PowerPutt LIVE
Red Barn - Sarasota, FL
Randy Bell
Randy Bell, PowerPutt LIVE
The Cigar Room - Madison, AL
Brett Larkin
Brett Larkin, PowerPutt LIVE
Debz Corner - Manchester, MO
Andy Schoeder
Andy Schoeder, PowerPutt LIVE
The Jim - Weston, WI
Greg Hanna
Greg Hanna, PowerPutt LIVE
The 19th Hole Sports Lounge - Huntsville, AL
Montana Spencer
Montana Spencer, PowerPutt LIVE
Seabreeze 2 - Clearwater, FL
Don Shufflebotham
Don Shufflebotham, PowerPutt LIVE
Shuffs Last Resort - Sheboygan, WI
Kevin Weir
Kevin Weir, PowerPutt LIVE
Ticket Sports Bar 3 - Pensacola, FL
Tony Whigham
Tony Whigham, PowerPutt LIVE
Calloway's Sports Bar - West Columbia, SC
Justin Arens
Justin Arens, PowerPutt
The Silver Fern - Sheboygan, WI
(L) Laurie Dahlke, (R) Loren Kurt
(L) Laurie Dahlke, PowerPutt
(R) Loren Kurt, PowerPutt
Next Stop Lounge - Rothschild, WI