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**Final results are tallied at 10am CDT the following day
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PGA TOUR VERSION PLACEHOLDER Compete against the Golden Tee world in the game’s largest 24-hour contest on courses new and old. And on Fridays, thanks to Freaky Friday, play a course that has never been seen before!

On the Daily Contest, it doesn’t have to stop at one game. Play as many games as you like on the same conditions, which will stay locked between midnight CDT and close at 11:59 p.m. CDT. Each player will have the same winds, pins and setup during this time. Only your best score will count and be displayed on the leaderboard.

This online leaderboard is available on along with the GT Caddy— the first-ever Golden Tee app—and it will update at least once every hour.

In terms of payouts, all Daily Contests will begin with a baseline $1,100 prize pool that will be distributed to the top 300 finishers. While $1,100 might be the baseline, this figure will change daily.

The more play that comes in the previous week, the higher the prize pool will be for that day. These payouts will be fluid day-to-day, and you can see the adjustments at 12:01 a.m. central time.

To enter, select Prize Contests in the menu and choose Daily Contest. Players will need to swipe their Player Cards, credit cards or use the keypad to identify themselves before the game begins. A player is allowed to swipe only one card in a given day.

Note! If your Name is incorrect on the leaderboard, we can correct it for you! Fill out the form here and include your first and last name, along with your Persona ID (your 8-digit player card number).